Introducing OCLENH

June 19 2018. Update 8 has been released. All existing customers will receive an email with the download links.

Along with regular improvements and bug fixes, this update corrects a major memory and handle leak which occurred whenever the ANSI C function _beginthread() was called a few thousand times, potentially freezing up the operating system once all available handle resources were exhausted.

Please consult the change log PDF for all of the latest updates and bug fixes.

If you’re interested in trying the optional ODBC SQL module with embedded SQL source code support, please contact us.

The OCLENH Developer Application Software Development Kit (SDK) is a low footprint C++ based software development’s kit for the creation of feature-rich GUI based desktop applications under the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, and Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 integrated development environments.

  • Create canvasses with automatically laid out and scaled text fields, entry fields, radio buttons, check boxes, push buttons, image resources and more, with your choice of colours, borders, spacing and padding options.
  • Create detail-rich container dialogues with run time choices of icon, tree and details views of the data, with fixed and floating tool bars adjustable at run time in any position.
  • Create entry fields with automated focus sensitive sizing and foreground/background colour assignments.
  • Instant entry field data validation and formatting options such as alphanumeric, alphabetic and numeric field types with and without decimals, uppercase and lowercase character conversions, and data and time validation in your choice of system, user and custom date/time format.
  • Combination entry field with your choice of text and graphic push buttons positioned on the left or right side of the entry field. Quickly create entry fields with program driven pop-up options of your choice.
  • Includes a built-in calendar dialogue exploited by the date entry field class, which can be used independently with any other object.
  • Single-action text and graphic push buttons, suitable for public kiosk touchscreen applications where tabbing and double-click actions may not be desired.
  • Attach context sensitive handlers to any object. Intercept normal user interface events, and alter their behaviour according to your specific needs.
  • Maintain linked lists of objects (not just data) with the collection classes. Includes unique/duplicate and indexed/sequential sorting options.

The OCLENH Developer Application SDK also includes:

  • The Open Class Library at no extra charge. Fully ported to the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 integrated development environments, you can now restore those old Open Class Library coded applications instead of rewriting everything from scratch. Or create new dynamically scalable desktop applications with more flexibility and ease than traditional program coding options.
  • Royalty-free redistribution of the SDK’s dynamic-link libraries (DLLs) with your retail software package.
  • Sample code on which to learn how to exploit the SDK’s many features, and create the foundation for your own feature-rich applications.
  • Free periodic product updates containing new features and bug fixes.
  • Basic support including an on-line reference manual.
  • Optional premium support with priority email and phone accessibility, and expedited bug fixes.
  • Compatible from Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, to Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012, with planned support for upcoming Windows operating systems as they’re released and adopted.

Now available as a site license for $400 USD, with no digital rights management or copy protection schemes to prevent you from using the SDK, and no limits on the number of computers on which the SDK can be installed at a single work site.

Please read the End-user Licensing Agreement before purchasing the license. You’ll receive a download link via email for both the setup and update installer files following confirmation of the purchase of the license.

Would you like to try an evaluation version first? Please contact us.

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